Why choose mosaic?

Mosaic technique is about covering particular surface with different materials such as stones, colored marbles, colored glasses (smalt) or ceramics. These materials, using range of colors, eventually form an image or scenery. The end product, given the capabilities of the artist, could be decorative and aesthetically pleasing.

Apart from easily understandable instinctive search for aesthetic beauty, many people choose mosaic for its expression of style. Mosaic is timeless: from its first shy appearances during Ancient times, mosaic was made harmonious by Greeeks, elegant by Romans, uniquely exquisite by Byzantines. It is still valued up till today by people of all range: clerics, politicians, wealthy, prominent people continue to choose mosaic to decorate worshipping places, conference rooms, theaters, stadiums, and last but not east, their exquisite residencies.

There is a vast range of occasions for which mosaics are used such as funerals, victories, portraits, sculptures, and even mosaics of political significance. Contemporary example of the latter includes famous and eccentric floor mosaic depicting face of George Bush Sr. It was ordered by Saddam Hussein to be placed at the entrance of Rashid Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq to make every visitor to walk upon his face. Suitability of the placement of this piece of art could be debated. Nevertheless, it is an immaculate symbol of keeping the tradition of mosaic art alive for more than 5000 years starting from Ancient Mesopotamia to what today is Iraq.

The harder are the materials used for mosaic, the more durable it is. It is unsurprising, therefore, that every year archaeologists discover antique mosaics underground. For example, mosaics were found in Four Seasons House in Ptolemaida, Lybia from 16 centuries ago. These priceless treasures are laying underground as if challenging time with their survival. Plotinus argued that the basic intrusive idea of a human being is to reject and rebel against the thought of being mortal. Some people attempt to reach elusive eternity by leaving their heir, writing a song, drawing a picture, building a house, planting a tree… Ordering mosaic resembles planting a tree. Mosaic, just like a millennium tree, is something that will last (almost) forever.